Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gene Shalit's Moustache

Is a little ridiculous. Amirite?

See if you can tell which one is Gene Shalit, and which is Wario.

Here's a picture of Gene Shalit prepping for his upcoming appearance in the new Ron Jeremy biopic: Where the Wild Hair Grows

I'm sorry, but is this actually a review? I mean, really?!? Reasons I'm going to see The Mighty New Film, THE MUMMY:

1. To See the Ineffable, Unflappable Adventurer in China, Brendan Fraiser

2. To see the dragon emporer, in his chariot, drawn by Flaming Eyed Terra-Cota Horses,

3. Because where else am I going to see the three headed, giant, 1izard-y flying dragon

4. In order to behold the giant yeti

5. I really need to see a cast that looks like... THOUSANDS

6. There is really only three things I love: Adventure. Betrayal. HEROISM!

7. Who wouldn't see a film with wonders for kiddies, for daddies, and for mummies!!!

Their sister company, Universal Studies must be hitting themselves over the heads.

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  1. More Gene Shalit!